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Presentation of the book by Juan Prat y Coll
De Cataluña a Catalunya
Thursday, 17 Noviembre 19:00
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In collaboration with the journalist and writer, Lluís Foix.

The narrated life of an ambassador is usually rich in events and anecdotes, whose appeal increases depending on the historical moment and the country of destination of the diplomat. In the case of Ambassador Juan Prat y Coll, these assumptions are fully met in his brilliant professional career.

Among his various appointments, the beginning of the preparations for the start-up of the first Commercial Delegation in the Soviet Union, his unexpected assignment in the first Spanish embassy in South Korea or his outstanding work in the European summit of the Mediterranean (Barcelona Process). Of particular interest is his time in OTAN as permanent representative after 11-S at the height of international terrorism.
He ends his career as ambassador in The Hague, adding another service to his professional career: he was a delegate of the Generalitat of Catalonia before the European Union in Brussels, on the threshold of the political disagreement between Catalonia and Spain.

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