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Conference with Carlos Calder贸n
Il Trovatore
Tuesday, 18 October 19:00
* Private and exclusive events for members of the C铆rculo del Liceo

The Music Commission of the Círculo del Liceo proposes the conference prior to the opera Il Trovatore, given by Carlos Calderón.
Of this opera it is said that its libretto is weak and even worse, that it is an 'indigestible meatball' but that it is ideal to know if you are capable of enjoying the opera in general. And why does that 'weakness' become an 'ideal'?
Well, very simple, because everything is resolved musically. As Caruso said: 'All that is needed for a successful performance of Il Trovatore is: the 4 best singers in the world.'

In short, Il Trovatore is still the opera par excellence. However, you have to prepare...
Artistic profile
Carlos Calderón is an active speaker at various Catalan cultural institutions. In 2013 he received his doctorate in Humanities from Pompeu Fabra University, directing his research towards the study of Music, Art and Science within the framework of a History of Culture.

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