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Opera and Screen
«Capriccio» by Richard Strauss
Wednesday, 14 July 19:00
* Private and exclusive events for members of the Círculo del Liceo

The Music Commission of the Círculo del Liceo hosted this seasons' last session of the Opera and Screen cycle, with the screening of the opera "Capriccio" by Richard Strauss. The event featured a presentation by Antoni Colomer.

Capriccio is an opera about opera as an art form. With wise gaiety and a profound understanding of theatre as a genre, it shows a music drama coming into being.

Ensconced in a Rococo château, the poet Olivier, the composer Flamand and the Countess Madeleine discuss not only their own amorous relations, but also the question – of far greater import for the history of opera – of which is more important to opera: the music or the words? The rivalry between poet and composer escalates and the Countess’s inability to choose between her suitors becomes a metaphor for an insoluble problem. Capriccio is at once a true theatre of types, a tender declaration of undying love, intelligent discursive entertainment and elegant studio drama. What Strauss himself called a “Conversation Piece with Music” was to be his swan song as an opera composer: the supremely refined final act of a highly sophisticated life’s work.

"Capriccio" by Richard Strauss
Absolute premiere: October 28, 1942, Munich National Theater.
Production: Semperoper Dresden (2021)
Duration: 154 min.

Stage direction | Jens-Daniel Herzog
Musical direction | Christian Thielemann

The Countess | Camilla Nylund
The Count | Christoph Pohl
La Roche | Georg Zeppenfeld
Flamand | Daniel Behle
Clairon | Christa Mayer
Olivier | Nikolay Borchev
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