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Session III
An introduction to Shakespeare
Monday, 31 April 19:00
* Private and exclusive events for members of the Círculo del Liceo

The Music Commission of the Círculo del Liceo hosted the third session of the course «Shakespeare, an introduction» with Douglas Friedlander, Dr. in English Language and Literature with a specialty in Shakespeare Studies, and member of the Club.

Four sessions:
May 17th - 1. Who is Shakespeare? What do I look for in his work?
May 26th - 2. Tragedies
May 31st - 3. Comedies and Romances
June 7th - 4. History Plays and Sonnets
This course provides an overview of the work of William Shakespeare. Beginning with basic information about the playwright, his world, and the world of his plays, we will go on to explore each of the four types of plays that make up his body of work.  We will address some of the following questions: What are Shakespeare’s concerns in the plays? Just what is Shakespearean Tragedy? What characterizes Shakespearean Comedy? What is the political context for Shakespeare’s history plays? What makes Shakespeare’s sonnets unique? The discussion took place entirely in English.

Dr. Douglas Friedlander was an Assistant Professor and Teaching Fellow in both New College and the School for University Studies at Hofstra University, on Long Island, New York.  Prof. Friedlander also served as Chairman of the Architecture Committee and the Education Committee of New York’s National Arts Club.  He holds a Ph.D. in English Language and Literature with a specialty in Shakespeare Studies, and has taught courses in Shakespeare, Greek Tragedy, and the History of Drama.
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