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Book presentation
«Cinco horas en Venecia» by Miquel Molina
Wednesday, 17 February 19:00
* Private and exclusive events for members of the Círculo del Liceo

The Círculo del Liceo hosted the presentation of the book "Five hours in Venice" by Miquel Molina, deputy director of La Vanguardia.

The book is an invitation to rediscover the most romantic city in the world. Miquel Molina offers us a bucolic postcard of a Venice that is still not on the radar of tourists. Molina's is the story of the perfect flâneur. He explains to us how the visitor has to melt into the mass and follow the crowd's direction wherever it takes him, just as he avoids the onslaught of the waves against the hull of a ship by molding to them. We have to let ourselves be carried away by the current to know how to escape at the most opportune moment, when a dark alley catches our attention and invites us into the gloom to dive into the truth of Venice. The portrait of an unknown Venice, which does not appear in tourist guides. A book that invites us to taste the great little pleasures of life.

Miquel Molina has a degree in Information Sciences from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB). He began his journalist career at El Periódico de Catalunya, Segre and El Periódico de Aragón. In 2007, he joined the editorial staff of La Vanguardia, of which he is now Deputy Director. He was a correspondent for the Europa Press agency and a contributor to various economic publications. Since 2002 he publishes a weekly opinion column in La Vanguardia, currently in the Tendencias section. In 2005 he published his first book L'Everest a l'hora punta (Vienna), followed by La flor del mal (2014, Destino), La sonámbula (2018, Destino), Alerta Barcelona (2018, Libros de Vanguardia), Cinco horas en Venecia (2020, Catedral) and Naturaleza muerta (2020, Edhasa).

The event featured the participation of Tatiana Korouchkina, co-founder and director of the Quo Artis Art & Science Foundation, graduated in History from the Moscow State University of Humanistic Sciences and specialized in contemporary art by the Sotheby's Art Institute in London.