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Women conquering their space
Wednesday, 21 Abril 13:00
* Private and exclusive events for members of the Círculo del Liceo

The Círculo del Liceo hosted the symposium "Women conquering their space" with the participation of:

- Her Excellency Mrs. Patricia Ortega García, Brigadier General and Terrestrial Systems Deputy Director of the National Institute of Aerospace Technology. She was the first woman to obtain the rank of general within the Spanish army. She was also the first lieutenant colonel and the first woman to join the Spanish Armed Forces in 1988.

- Dra. Patricia Soley Beltrán, Graduate in Cultural History and Doctor in Sociology of Knowledge. As an essayist, she has been awarded the Anagrama Essay Award for ¡Divinas! Modelos, poder y mentiras and the María María Morales Morales Prize for Journalism for Política eres tú.

- Dr. Eugenia Bieto, Doctor cum laude in Social Sciences, ESADE General Director (2010-2018), Director of the ESADE Women Initiative, President of the ESADE Alumni Women Empowerment Club and Professor of the Department of Strategy and General Management.

- Lucía Marín, conductor. He has conducted a large number of orchestras on the national circuit reaping great success, including the National Orchestra of Spain. His future commitments include his concerts with the Euskadi Symphony Orchestra, Orquesta Ciudad de Granada and Teatro Real.

- Najat el Hachmi, Spanish writer of Moroccan origin, graduated in Arabic philology from the University of Barcelona. In 2007 she won the Ramon Llull Novel Prize for L'ultim patriarca, in 2015 she won the Sant Joan Prize for Narrative and has won the Nadal Prize 2021 with the novel El lunes nos querrán. She has also been a contributor to various media such as Catalunya Ràdio and La Vanguardia.

- Dr. José Enrique Ruiz-Domènec, writer and academic, professor of Medieval History at the UAB and winner of the City of Barcelona Prize.

Photo (Xavier Cervera) from left to right: Eugenia Bieto, Paticia Ortega, 
Najat el Hachmi, Patricia Soley Beltrán, Lucía Marín and José Enrique Ruiz-Domènec.