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Conference with Carlos Calder贸n
La traviata
Thursday, 03 December 19.30h
* Private and exclusive events for members of the C铆rculo del Liceo

The Music Commission of the Círculo del Liceo hosted the second session of the previous conference of the opera «La traviata» by Giuseppe Verdi, given by Carlos Calderón, Dr. in Humanities, musician and historian.

A remarkable feature of La traviata is the realistic view it takes of the tale of Violetta, who recalls her life as a courtesan in a series of flashbacks as she lies on her deathbed.  It is an exaltation of life itself and of qualities such as generosity, compassion and self-sacrifice which are quashed by the implacable verdict of a class-based society. Alfredo, the stereotype of the ardent, spellbound lover, is a member of that very society.

David McVicar's skilled production enables us to make a contemporary re-reading of the plot and explore the characters' innermost feelings. This grandiose melodrama in a period setting tells how a noble love is sacrificed to the cult of material wealth.

Carlos Calderón is an active lecturer at various Catalan cultural institutions. Since his arrival in Barcelona in 2003, he has been incorporated into the cultural and musical life of the city, distinguished by his investigative rigor, his entertaining lectures and the preparation of highly suggestive audiovisual presentations. He graduated in Architecture in Venezuela and simultaneously completed his full studies in Music. He completed higher studies in Logic and Philosophy of Science and has a master's degree in History of Sciences from the University of Barcelona. In 2013 he obtained a PhD in Humanities from the Pompeu Fabra University, directing his research towards the study of Music, Art and Science within the framework of a History of Culture.