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Books presentations
«La campana de vidre» by Francesc Fontbona
Wednesday, 26 February 19.30h
* Private and exclusive events for members of the Círculo del Liceo

The Círculo del Liceo hosted the presentation of the book «La campana de vidre» by Francesc Fontbona, member of our Club and one of the most eminent and prolific art historians in Spain.
«La campana de vidre» is a novel, well documented and detailed, that offers us an original and sometimes unexplained perspective of the Francoist elites. Through the main character we discover a very rich image of Barcelona during postwar and the Francoist dictatorship. Jenaro Pabón, a well-off young man, the son of a renowned lawyer, is part of the winners after the war, and despite the fact that he represents the fourth generation born and raised in Barcelona, ​​he lives in a great bubble, waterproof and protective, a glass bell that isolates him from the social reality of the country.
Francesc Fontbona is a Doctor in Modern History from the University of Barcelona. Dedicated to the study of art of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, he has written numerous books on the subject. He participated in the writing and coordination of the Great Catalan Encyclopedia. He has worked as a professor at the UB and as a curator of the department of prints and maps and director of the graphic unit of the Library of Catalonia. He is an academic of the Royal Catalan Academy of Fine Arts and Sant Jordi, a member of the Institute of Catalan Studies and an honorary member of The Hispanic Society of America in New York. He won two awards from the Catalan Association of Art Critics and the Serra d’Or Critics’ Award.