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«Report on Catalonia. A history of rebellion» by José Enrique Ruiz-Domènec
Wednesday, 18 March 19.30h
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The Círculo del Liceo is pleased to announce the presentation of the book «Report on Catalonia. A story of rebellion (777-2017)» by José Enrique Ruiz-Domènech, writer and Professor of History at the UAB.

«Report on Catalonia. A history of rebellion (777-2017)» investigates, from a historical perspective, the reasons that have led Catalonia to the current situation, and tries to answer questions about what happened, in what order of factors and with what results. All this questions force the author to go back, in an exciting journey, until the year 777, when an event occurred in northern Germany ended up marking the course of Catalan history.

José Enrique Ruiz-Domènec is a historian, specialist in the Middle Ages, European culture and Mediterranean heritage.


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