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Lunch-Colloquium with Fernando Aleu
Writing is living (and learning)
Thursday, 21 Noviembre 13.30h
* Private and exclusive events for members of the Círculo del Liceo

The Círculo del Luceo hosted the Lunch-Colloquium «Writing is living (and learning)» with PhD. Fernando Aleu, Doctor in Medicine, as well as businessman and writer.
His academic stage taught him his limitations, he learned to do what he was good at, and to reject what he knew he would never do well. For that reason, he left the surgery aside to specialize in neuropathology, especially in the field of electron microscopy, which led him to win two research awards on neurological lesions.
Later on, he began his career as a businessman, in association with the Puig family, with whom he created a company to distribute their products in the US. The perfume served him to reconnect with neurology, what led him to be a founding member of the Olfactory Reaserch Fund.
Finally, after a skiing accident, a stage of vital changes begins in which writing takes a fundamental role. The result of this circumstance is his first novel The Exchange whose story focuses on events that took place in Barcelona in 1943: the exchange of wounded, German and British prisoners of war during the Second World War.
He is currently the Chairman of the Queen Sophia Spanish Institute in New York.