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Course «Legendary Voices» (III) - Miguel Ángel González Barrio
Legendary wagnerian voices
Monday, 30 March 19.30h
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The Music Commission is pleased to announce the conference «Legendary wagnerian voices» by Miguel Ángel González Barrio. This conference is the third session of the course «Legendary Voices».
Unlike other repertoires, Wagnerian singing has been synonymous with specialization, hardness and, usually, ephemeral careers. For some, these are voices sacrificed in noisy holocaust on the altar of some gods who do not know godliness, heroes who are measured in unequal combat with a prevailing orchestra (Rodolfo Celletti dixit). This does not have to be like that ... and it is not. Faced with a certain tendency to shout, to the forced song that sacrifices everything for the volume, we will see that there were, and there are, examples of Wagnerian bel canto, in which technique allows singing with the proper projection without damaging the singing line. Intelligence against forcefulness. Flagstad, Melchior, Varnay, Hotter, Windgassen, Fischer-Dieskau, Nilsson, Vickers, Ludwig ... Meier will guide us through this brief tour of the history of Wagnerian singing.

Course «Legendary Voices»
1.- Cantabile: the voice from its physics to its metaphysics (07/11/2019)
2.- Lied's legendary voices (03/10/2020)
3.- Legendary wagnerian voices (03/30/2020)
4.- Legendary voices of Italian opera (04/05/2020)

Image: Edgard Degas, Chanteuse de Café (1878)


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