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Course «Legendary Voices» (I)
«Cantabile: the voice from its physics to its metaphysics» with Carlos Calderón
Thursday, 07 Noviembre 19.30h
* Private and exclusive events for members of the Círculo del Liceo

The Music Commission hosted the conference «Cantabile: the voice from its physics to its metaphysics» by Carlos Calderón, doctor in Humanities, musician and historian.

As Inaugural Talk for the course «Legendary Voices», Dr. Carlos Calderón Urreiztieta prepared a conference that tried to relocate things in their place, in other words, a “back to basics”, something that is always necessary inthe art and music field. Every opera enthusiast knows that singing is a complex activity that involves a physical aspect that requires an arduous preparation for that instrument -the sounding apparatus- whose nature is difficult to learn and apprehend.

With abundant audiovisual examples it is possible to understand and calibrate the difficult task in which opera singers are involved. However, there is more. The voice is not unique and, it branches into countless classifications and no less abundant adjectives. From gravity to lightness, the voice runs to represent a spread spectrum of emotions. And with that, we enter metaphysical fields whose explanation requires all the aesthetic apparatus that throughout history societies have been developing to answer the simple question Why does that move me? Thus, from matter to idea, from organism to artifice, from physics to metaphysics, the song appeals to our reason and our senses as no other instrument can do and finds there, in that meeting of reasoned logic and ineffable emotion, the real enjoyment.

Course «Legendary Voices»
1.- Cantabile: the voice from its physics to its metaphysics (07/11/2019)
2.- Lied's legendary voices (03/10/2020)
3.- Legendary Wagnerian voices (03/30/2020)
4.- Legendary voices of Italian opera (04/05/2020)

Picture: Edgard Degas, Chanteuse de Café (1878)
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